6 months down

Tomorrow marks the official 24 week box on the calendar, so I guess I felt it was a bit of a milestone. Here’s how things stand:
1) The chest-burster effect: I had always joked that being pregnant must feel like one of the extras in Alien, as the thing writhes and wiggles in your abdominal cavity. That, so far, has not disappointed. There are moments when it’s pretty neat and almost funny. There are moments when it’s really pretty revolting. And then there are moments when it’s downright scary (i.e. “If it’s this bad now, what happens as she gets BIGGER and STRONGER?!”). She moves all the time. It’s to the point where if 20 minutes go by without a flop in there, I get concerned and poke her to make sure she’s still with me (as if the swelling gut could leave me with any doubt). Will doesn’t really like to touch it, I don’t think. I have to physically drag his hand over. He claims he’s afraid he’ll squish her, but I know otherwise… The weirdest one so far has to be this past Sunday morning, when I felt simultaneous punches or kicks on opposite sides of my stomach (roughly 3” away from my belly button on either side). I’m not sure what she was doing in there. Throwing hay-makers? Jumping jacks for paraplegics?
2) Step on a crack…: I’ve had the worst back pains. It’s not your typical lower back pains that most PG chicks bitch about. It’s right in the area where my hefty-duty maternity bra band sits. It started off on my right, then migrated to the left. Now it’s somewhere in the middle. It sucks. We had bought a nice chair for my office to help with it, but unless I’m in that chair (preferably with my feet up), my back hurts. I went to Brookstone and got one of those back-kneading mats for your chair. It certainly pulverizes your muscles, but doesn’t help this pain. You can’t take anything to help. It makes me angry. I’m going to have to ask the good ol’ OB about this next week at my check-up. I’m thinking it’s due to my posture morphing into something it’s never been before.
3) “Toddlers and Tiaras” Candidate? I’ve been so, so lucky to have lots of folks offer “gently used” baby girl clothes to us. I’ve already figured out that they don’t stay that tiny long enough to wear out much of anything, and most of this stuff is so darned cute that it’s irresistible to others, meaning that new moms get lots of cute tiny clothing. I have a fantastic pile of onesies, especially, that I’m very excited about. We may even stencil a few to make them uniquely our spawn’s.
While there was some truly great clothes in the various bags and boxes I saw, there was also some stuff that’s just left me scratching my head. For starters, there is so much pink. My god. I’ve never seen so much pink in my life. Every shade of pink in the known universe. I do concede that I may be a bit sensitive to that, and am trying to put my pink-bias aside (to be fair, if the spawn was a male-child, I’d be equally offended by a rainbow of blue, so it’s not just a girl thing). Some pink is fine. Red is better. And what’s the matter with green?
What bothered me more, however, was some of the stuff that just seemed…..inappropriate. I may be too hormonal, so maybe I’m overreacting. But tiny little shorts or skirts with “too cute” stamped across the buttocks seems wrong for an INFANT. Why not go all the way and get some tiny acrylic-heeled shoes to match it. It feels like these clothing manufacturers are trying to sexualize babies. Wow. I’ve become my mother. Sorry, mom, for trying to wear those mini-skirts when I was in 6th and 7th grade. You were right: they probably were a bit too short.
4) “I’m Melting……Melting:” Summer has arrived in LA with a vengeance. Normally, I’m really quite ok with that, particularly if we get our daily afternoon thunderstorm. Being pregnant apparently makes you a big wuss. I really can’t take the heat. It’s going to be a long summer. My only potential bright spot is the wading pool I just ordered from Target. I may look ridiculous, but at least I can be outside for more than the time it takes to walk from the house to the car.


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