A cankle in time

As my job is a largely sedentary affair in which I sit at a desk most of the time, I try to walk twice a day with a couple of other ladies just to restore blood flow to my derriere. It’s also a fairly reasonable and easy way to work in a couple of rounds of light exercise each day.
When I’m not walking, I have been trying to sit sensibly (in my new chair, purchased due to the back pains I found myself getting about 6 weeks ago) and with my feet elevated. So far, as with many other symptoms, I have managed to avoid swelling in my lower extremities. Sure, I’ve had a couple of rounds of the pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel (who knew?!), and there have been evenings when my rings don’t want to rotate as freely as they usually do, but I’ve felt lucky.
About 35 minutes ago, I was changing shoes to go on my afternoon walk when I noticed that my right ankle is definitely poofier than my left. It appears I have finally reached the dreaded cankle phase . Between that and the awful thing my belly-button is doing, I can’t remember when I’ve felt as sexy.


About larva225

Working mom. Is there any other kind? Geologist. Nerd.
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