No, I really didn’t swallow a bullfrog

I guess since this is my inaugural post, I should give a bit of a background. I am currently 36 years old, married, and busy building my first offspring cell by cell. This is technically my 2nd pregnancy, but we suffered a miscarriage at 9 weeks late last fall. I probably don’t have to say how much that sucked.
Anyway, fortunately, it seems my husband and I are very fertile creatures. Having bought a house and finally getting hitched last summer, we decided that I wasn’t getting any younger, and we had no more practical reasons NOT to try to conceive. It was like an after school special: You Only Have to Do It Once. Both last fall AND around Christmas (after healing from the miscarriage), we were on our way to being the parents of some sort of spawn.
This time, all seems to be going very well. We’re at 12 weeks, so I’ve survived (mostly) the first trimester. Maybe another time I’ll go back and talk about the miscarriage. If anyone’s out there that has had one or is experiencing one, it may help. I found that the “success after miscarriage” stories were about as therapeutic as you could get.
What’s been remarkable in this journey is HOW MUCH SOMETHING STILL SO TINY CAN ALTER YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Furthermore, it’s insane how many of your body’s major systems are affected. Sure, you expect some of the obvious things: pukiness, fatigue, sore (and giant) tee-tahs. But some of the other “normal” symptoms are downright disturbing.
Last night, I woke myself up making horrible, horrible noises. It seemed I was having a typical bout of “indigestion,” and I guess I was belching in my sleep. It felt and sounded like I had swallowed a damn bullfrog. These were not normal sounds, and don’t even try to say the word “laydlike.”
That’s an issue for me, and probably for most of us knocked-up chicks. We’re brought up with the admonition that girls should not burp, fart, or experience any major bodily function unless locked in a bathroom with soundproofing. When you’re pregnant, forget it.
More to come later. I have 12 weeks of notes and nonsense to catch up on.


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