No shoes for you!!

One thing that has been an almost continuous surprise has been how suddenly symptoms appear during a pregnancy. I guess I figured that pregnancy would more closely resemble an illness; you start with swollen glands and maybe suffer from a touch of nasal congestion for at least a day or so before your temperature spikes and you’re actively praying for death.
Being PG, the fatigue, the need to pee, and the hormone surges hit immediately at first (not to mention the painful and swollen ta-ta’s). I did not pass go. I did not collect $200. I was suddenly at the mercy of what was then a microscopic blob of cells. Once again, I would have figured that it would have taken a while for these things to “build up” in my system. Not so.
This week, I have had another one of those episodes where all of the sudden I’m experiencing a whole new pregnancy. It started with the cankles, which I tried to attribute to eating too much Chinese food and the inevitable sodium bloat which follows. By the next day (yesterday), my feet suddenly resembled pale little sausages when I tried to wear my favorite pumps. I could (can) still get my feet into them, but it’s not pretty (and by mid-afternoon it would be gross enough for me to scream “I am not an animal” on my way out of the office). I also stood up 2 nights ago and felt such a deep, awful, stabbing pain in my ass that I thought my left leg would buckle. I guess this is the dreaded pregnancy-sciatica I’ve heard about. Still, you’d think some of this would ease up on you rather than hitting you upside your face.
I do try to look at this logically. I do understand that I did manage to dodge some of the really gnarly bullets of pregnancy – or at least so far (morning sickness, hemorrhoids, “the mask”). My energy level has been ok. Provided I eat sensibly and regularly, heartburn and indigestion aren’t overwhelming. The aches and pains, however, do slowly eat away at you. I want to lie on my stomach for sleep or TV watching so badly I could cry. I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night without waking to pee or just try to find a position that doesn’t hurt my joints.
Many of my complaints are strictly from vanity. I love my shoes – particularly the high ones. It’s going to be sad to say goodbye to those, even if it is just temporary (and I’m trying to be “glass half full girl,” and use this as a way to justify buying some cute sandals and flip flops). Will almost made me cry last week when he looked at me (while I was changing for bed) and stated that we should have a “plan” for exercising once the baby’s born. I truly believe that he meant no harm, but damn….. It was truly not the right thing to say. Not then. Probably not ever. And I have to admit that I miss cute underwear.
On a positive note, we here in the collective have passed another hurdle: we do NOT have gestational diabetes. Best of all, I survived not only the blood-letting, but the fasting and the drinking of the syrupy hell broth without puking. For any other ladies out there, I would go for the lemon-lime flavor over the orange, but that’s just me. The funniest thing was how angry/irritable the whole thing seemed to make my little passenger. Between the shared low blood sugar followed by the rapid spike, the squishing of her head by the Doppler listening device was too much. While the doctor was trying to get the heart rate, she gave such a mighty kick that the wand was bucked off of my abdomen. That’s my girl.


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