Once upon a potty (no, not the book)

Once upon a time, I used to be able to go hours without having to pee. I was the girl champion on any roadtrip. I couldn’t tell you what the public restroom at any given store or restaurant was like, as I simply never was in a position where I needed to use them. Not anymore.
After surviving most of the first trimester (where you pee all the time for no apparent reason other than the perennial excuse of “hormones”), I had about 2 weeks off where my bladder returned to pre-pregnancy performance. Now, I’ve reached the point where the passenger is big enough to start bouncing up and down on the bladder, sending me to the potty at least once every 45 minutes when I’m properly hydrated.
I gotta tell you, it’s a nuisance. Rare is the night where I’m not up at least twice. Work is a series of interruptions punctuated by flushing. What has been fascinating, however, has been my study of public toilets. I am suddenly faced with issues I’ve never had to cope with before.
One thing I’ve noticed is how small and inefficient most of the stalls are. Sure, in the French Quarter I’ve visited stalls where you have to lean over the commode to be able to shut or open the door, but I’ve never realized that’s such a ubiquitous problem. More often than not, I have to behave like a contortionist at any restaurant, with fast food being the worst. In another month, I will be forced to start using the handicapped stall, if only to be able to open and shut the door without having to stand in the toilet itself.
Another item of interest is how crappy the hardware (we’re talking hinges, locks, and purse hooks – when furnished) is at hardware stores. I don’t think that speaks well for their ability to sell and install these products. I have higher expectations at these places.
During our beach trip, we stopped at the public beach house to use the restroom before we hit the road. It was the best incentive EVER to live a life on the straight and narrow. I’m not sure if it was because of vandalism/crime or because of the salt air, but the commodes were all stainless steel. No seats to speak of were found, only the bare steel rim. I almost couldn’t go it was such a shock. Almost.
I’m thinking of creating a rating system and starting a website for quality bathroom experiences. At this rate, I will have covered all of Louisiana in another few weeks.


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