The Nap Room

Pregnancy is not a whole lot better than mono when you’re a naturally high-strung person who’s not in to napping. True, you are warned that you will suffer “extreme fatigue” when you get knocked up, especially in the first trimester, but it’s something else to actually experience it. During this journey so far, I have felt so tired that I thought I would throw up. I never would have dreamed of correlating those 2 activities before this, but it is a very accurate description of just how weary you feel.
After about 8-9 weeks, I would find myself at work fantasizing about napping. It so happens that we may be moving onto a different floor, so there are boxes piled everywhere. I noticed that in my office, some of these boxes were forming a nice little fort under part of my desk. You have to picture this in your mind. I’m in a roughly 7’x7’ cube with an “L” shaped desk. With boxes strategically placed in front of half of the “L,” a person can crawl under there (and move the large blue stability ball behind them to block their feet) and not be seen. It also just so happens that I had a small fleece blanket and a throw pillow handy, completing the nap room. I tried to photograph it from inside and outside, but it just doesn’t really capture the vibe.
I will say this for the record: I have only ever used the nap room during my lunch breaks. Granted, my boss absolutely rocks, and would not be furious if I fudged this, but I really do try to behave.
I have been getting very impatient for my energy to return to me, as I’m now out of that first trimester and into the “honeymoon trimester.” Yeah. Whatever. I do have more energetic days than I was experiencing a few weeks ago, but just today I had to nap my lunch away. I do think that even when the dust settles from the office moving, I will retain some boxes for a nap room. I’m sure during the final days of the pregnancy and my first few weeks back from maternity leave, my nap room will be my BFF at work.


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Working mom. Is there any other kind? Geologist. Nerd.
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