The Outee Limits

I can no longer deny the fact that my belly button is inverting.  I had become hopeful that I would keep my cute little “innee” throughout my pregnancy after I passed those chapters in the books several weeks ago and still not a bit of navel concavity was in sight.  Sure, the middle of my gut looked like the skin of a Borg (not so much spider-veiny as veiny….no doubt all of those blood vessels moving closer to the surface and expanding due to all of my increased blood supply), but my belly button – in the midst of that mottled expanse – was not part of the pregnancy collective.

Not anymore.

I know it will go back to normal after delivery, but man…’s really gross.  I hate it.  There is something just wrong about the whole thing.  It causes a strange little umbilicus tent under my clothes and I live in perennial fear that it will somehow “catch” on something (and yes, I do appreciate the irony of being concerned about a tiny tent perched atop the really large tent that covers the rest of us).  I can’t bear to look at it.

I think the worst part is when she gets to discoing in there and her elbows and knees sweep across the center of my abdomen and right under my new “outee.”  That sensation is hideous enough as it is, but to compound it, she seems to poke it out even further in those few seconds.  And as irrational as it is, that area feels “weak” somehow – as if her little limbs could potentially poke through that one vulnerable area of the perimeter.

I know there’s special tape you can use to secure your navel, and I’m seriously considering it.  While I do understand it’s more cosmetic than anything, in my mind, the tape may serve as a bit of an athletic supporter for my outee.


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