The Love Bloat

Yesterday, I left my house for work wearing one pair of shoes.  By the time I got to my office, they were already leaving ridges on my feet due to swelling.  Mind you, these were not cute shoes (heeled or otherwise).  These were essentially fancy flip-flops which I had purchased especially for my new variable feet.  I spent most of the day in my office with my shoes off, feet up.  It didn’t help all that much, and I’m sure my coworkers were probably grossed out.  I blame the stir fry I had made for dinner.  Soy sauce (even the “light” stuff) will get you every time.

When I got home, my toes still resembled true “little piggies.”  I was also moderately cankling.  It was such that even Will noticed that things just didn’t look right, and the sweet man made me a foot spa complete with ice water to soak my feet.  He used up all the ice in the ice maker.  That may have been a bit much, but the thought was appreciated.

Each and every day is almost like waking up in a new body.  Symptoms, aches, and pains come and go.  Each day in this body is akin to a snowflake or a fingerprint. While some days are better than others, I think overall it’s a really good thing.  Just when one sensation becomes truly maddening, it’s gone and replaced with something else.  I’ve replaced with upper back pain with lower back pain, round ligament pain with the sensation of having a bowling ball nestled in my pelvic girdle.

So, I’m hoping that my feet will one day soon resemble my feet.  I may grow a third nipple (temporarily, of course) to compensate, but some things are easier to bear/hide than others!!


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