To begin, I’d like to point out that it’s 5:45 on a Saturday morning.  I’ve already been awake for one hour.  I couldn’t tell you the exact reason that I woke up in the first place (no doubt either having to get up and pee for the 3rd time in 6 hours  or  joint pain from sleeping with my extra 30 pounds), but I can say that my offspring was ready to return to an upright position.  Further attempts at slumber proved futile.

It’s odd trying to figure out what is normal when it comes to some of this pregnancy stuff, particularly the first time around.  When you talk to other women or read the message boards, you seem to hear it all.  From what I can tell, I think our little girl is remarkably active – probably more so than most.  I haven’t bothered with “counting kicks,” as the suggested 10 movements in a 1-2 hour time interval is a joke.  The few times I gave it a shot, I was done counting in roughly 2.5 minutes (and that was during the mornings, when she has typically been “quieter.”)

Last week, I went in for the first of my now-weekly appointments (with ultrasounds) which I will do until d-day.  During that US, I learned that she’s a bit heavier than average, has full head of hair, and is still head up.  My doctor has started to ease me into the idea that a C-section could be on the table is she doesn’t flip.  Honestly, I’m not that freaked out about that, since either removal option sounds pretty gnarly and gross: an incision through your midsection or blowing out your vagina (to borrow a term from Jenny McCarthy).

In any case, I think we’ve been hyper-vigilant when it comes to any kind of unusual movement.  The problem is, given her size and strength, almost anything qualifies.  Last night, I almost wished we had a camcorder, as the display bouncing across my abdomen was very impressive.  Maybe it’s coincidence, but she did quiet down when Will read her her nightly story, which allowed me to fall asleep – at least for a while.  Will woke me up roughly an hour later a bit concerned by the beating his back was taking, wondering if she was ok (or maybe finally flipping upside down).  I got up to pee (of course) and returned to bed explaining that what he was feeling really was within limits.

About 4 hours and 2 bathroom trips later, I was awake again.  The thumping had commenced.  The cats were all out in the house making alarming noises.  I couldn’t get comfortable.  I finally broke down and got up.  It’s too early even to turn on my usual news station.  I really wish I knew what she was doing in there.  Yoga?  Kickboxing?  Is she reenacting that scene from Trainspotting where the creepy baby crawls across the ceiling (substituting my uterus wall for the ceiling, of course)?

We had a blood test done (quad screening) months ago, which checked for all manner of genetic mutations.  I felt that this test was a better and less invasive screening tool than amnio.  I’m starting to wonder if one of those 70+ mutations they checked for included some kind of Tasmanian Devil gene.  I may have to ask my doctor.


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