Wax On, Wax Off, Baby-san

This one will be short and stupid.

Often when the baby girl starts really cutting up inside, I try to envision what it is she could possibly be doing in there.  I mean, it’s a limited space.  There’s no DVR, no Wii, no bicycle.  It’s just her and a bunch of liquid, which, according to What To Expect this week, could be composed of up to 1 fresh pint of baby pee per day.  Delightful.

In any case, about 4:30 this morning after dragging myself to the commode to pee (yeah, again), I settled back in for another hour sleep when she started doing one of the strangest-feeling things yet.  On either side of my abdomen (r0ughly 3″ from my protruding belly button), I started feeling small circles being made by one of her smaller parts (knee, elbow, hand, foot).  There would be a couple of circles on the right, followed immediately by some on the left.  Then it would repeat.  This went on for about a minute and a half.

How do you explain this?  Certainly not the normal stretching and wiggling.  It seemed to have purpose.  I can only imagine that she was channeling the ghost of Mr. Miyagi in there.


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