Home Sweep Home

I have been eagerly awaiting my “nesting phase,” whereby I get this sudden compulsion to do all sorts of EXTREME CLEANING.  I’m beginning if perhaps I’m only a carrier for this particular phenomenon.  For instance, I have this enormous list of things to do in my head, such as inventory the freezer, clean out the fridge, begin over-cooking in order to save/freeze portions, and keep the garbage cans as empty as possible (not sure why I have that urge other than perhaps I’m concerned we could go into labor at any time and I don’t want to return home to reeking trash??).

Today is a holiday for me, so I made myself this rather impressive to-do list.  I’m adding to it faster than I can cross things off.  So far, I have knocked everything off of my nursery list, which is good.  The problem is that my mind is way more ambitious than my body.  I gotta be honest: my pelvis and back hurt.  Additionally, my right foot has been bulbous for 2 days.  Most of the things on my list will require at least some bending or kneeling, not to mention general ambulation.  Not good.

I think the baseboards are driving me crazier than anything.  That task has become my holy grail of nesting.  Not the trite “cleaning grout with a toothbrush.”  When we moved into our house last year, every bit of trim was painted “ultra white.”  I did it, so I can’t blame anyone but myself.  The problem is that white shows a heck of a lot of dirt.  Add 3 black cats and you have an issue.  I am desperate to have these baseboards cleaned.  Will has offered to do it, but this is my marathon, damn it.  As god is my witness, I’ll never have black fuzzy baseboards again (or at least not for a while).

I guess what’s on my mind more than anything, if anyone is out there, is this:  When you get the nesting urge, does it counteract all of the physical issues?  If I’m patient, will I jump off the couch at some point as if I’ve had an adrenaline shot and manhandle my baseboards?  Or should I crank the Social Distortion and old KMFDM and suffer through it?


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