It’s a date

We went in yesterday for our weekly check-up and baby weight estimate.  In one week, she had gone from 7 pounds, 12 ounces to 8 pounds, 7 ounces.  At that trajectory (i.e. barring a complete cessation of weight gain), we’re looking at a 9+ pound baby, particularly if we go to 40 weeks (or beyond, as first babies often do).

Will and I both had spent the last week really researching c-sections vs. vaginal births, particularly where larger babies were a possibility.  Sure, there is the possibility that the estimates are off a bit (by anywhere from 10% to 1 pound, depending on your reference).  As a science-type person myself, I deal with data every day with a built-in margin of error, whether it be instrumental, human, or method.  I can’t think of one test – medical or otherwise – with 100% infallibility or accuracy.  Yet, each of us must make decisions based on what is available, whether that be what food you ingest to how badly you freak out about your blood pressure test results at the grocery store. 

We looked at the benefits and risks to both (everything from increased infection, clotting issues, pelvic floor damage, etc….), and the data is a bit overwhelming.  As one would expect.  It’s rather like statistics: find me one stat that tells me one thing and I’ll find another that tells the opposite.  Still, by really looking at the basics – source, sample size, and methodology- it’s possible to have a better feeling about some studies vs. others.

Then there is the fear aspect.  Sure, I’m scared to death.  We both are.  Will doesn’t want me to go through labor (something I’m not wild about, either).  Nor does he want me cut open.  But we have to choose one or the other.  I do know one thing:  I do NOT choose both.  From the beginning, one of my greatest fears was to go through labor, try to deliver, and end up with a section anyway.  While I think life should be experienced, there are some experiences I can live without.

When it was said and done, we went in yesterday leaning toward a scheduled section, but prepared to hold off on the actual scheduling until after our appointment.  What we learned during our ultrasound and the subsequent discussion with our doctor is what sealed the deal.  We will be meeting our little girl on Friday, September the 24th (unless she tries to break out early, but again, we learned yesterday that there’s no sign of that happening thus far).

I feel relief that we have a decision made.  The last week has been pretty challenging, as it IS a whole lot to try to digest and come to grips with emotionally.  Now, I feel like I can really focus on more positive things: the final sweep of last-minute details both at home and work, and, best of all, getting excited about seeing what this creature will be like.

I have no doubt that within the week, I’ll find a whole new suite of worries and fears, but for now, I feel like we’re on the right track.


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