Someone stupid this way comes

The past 4-5 days have been a whirlwind.  My mother finally left us Saturday, and I’m proud to report that I/we have managed to keep the baby alive and well since then.  Monday, we were joined by Will’s mom, as I had to go to my doctor for an incision check.  I was scheduled for this as it’s a standard procedure, but was glad to go as I had developed some definite swelling and discomfort.  I had almost not bothered to get help with the baby, as the appointment was in the morning before Will went to work.  However, you never know when an OB will run late, so I erred on the side of caution.  Am I glad I did!

My appointment was ok, but I do have some infection to battle.  Nothing serious, but enough to justify antibiotics.  After leaving the doctor, I ran by the house to feed the baby, then left immediately to fill my prescription.  On the way to the pharmacy (not 1 mile from the house), some dumb kid pulled out in front of me (actually perpendicular, as she was trying to make a left on a busy road across 3 lanes of traffic) causing my car to slam into her (boyfriend’s) red monster truck.  She then fled the scene.  I was totally freaked out and fairly shaken up (I was going about 35 mph – enough to cause a very sore collar bone from the seatbelt and my sunglasses to fly off my face and hit the windshield).  To summarize the rest very quickly: luck was with me, as a cop was within a block of me when this happened, 3 good Samaritans stepped in (including one that chased the girl to get a tag number and one that actually pursued the girl into a parking lot a half mile down the road to catch her sobbing on the phone with her mom and persuade her to come back to the scene about 20 minutes later).  My car is f*&&%ked.  I have 3 different claim numbers with 3 different insurance companies.  Who the hell knows what will happen.  The main thing, I’m so completely and utterly relieved and grateful that Stella was safe at home with her grandmother rather than in that car with me.  I can’t bear to think about what may have happened had she been in the back seat.

Yesterday, we had Stella’s latest pediatrician appointment, including her dreaded first vaccination.  The whole situation coalesced into the perfect storm; the doctor took forever to see us, Stella got very hungry and tired during the wait, and then came THE SHOT.  Forget the Jason/Friday the 13th sound.  Freddy Krueger’s glove with knives on it scraping the boiler is nothing.  I have discovered that your child’s scream of pain is the most awful and terrifying sound in the entire galaxy.  I just about cried right along with her.  In any case, by the time we got home (chauffeured by her grandmother), she and I both were melting down.  Stella was inconsolable.  She cried so hard she wouldn’t/couldn’t eat.  Finally after about 20 minutes of ear-splitting and heartbreaking screaming, she abruptly crashed on my chest.  At that moment, I just wanted to be alone with my child and allow her to sleep on me as long as she wanted.  I felt mildly guilty, but I told her grandmother she could go and that Stella and I really just needed to curl up together.  That’s exactly what we did.

Today will hopefully be a quiet and trauma-free day.  I still am doing battle with the damn insurance companies, but I guess that’s part of the experience.  Once upon a time I would have made a snarky comment about how the insurance companies made you wish you had died in the accident, as they’re invariably obnoxious and hard to deal with.  Now, not so much.  At least my baby is safe and well and I’m still here to be her mom and milk cow.


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3 Responses to Someone stupid this way comes

  1. Thank god your baby wasn’t with you when that happened. I’ve been fantasizing about that very scenario happening with a baby in the vehicle, and I have no idea why I torture myself like that.

    I’ve been watching videos on youtube of newborn babies and whenever I hear that squeal, shriek, whatever you want to call it, I get tears flowing out of my eyes like two great waterfalls.

  2. peg Wahrendorff says:

    Christi had told me about your accident – so glad you are okay! I hated it when my kids had to get shots – now they start so much earlier. Plus, I think all of Emily’s & Dylan’s were given in the butt, not the leg. I know that is the preferred place now, but that just makes me really cringe.

  3. Jamie says:

    I am so happy that you are well! Stupid Baton Rouge drivers (is there another way to describe them?)…
    Very fortunate how things happen, you have that random thought of maybe I should have someone watch her for a few… I am so relieved that everyone is well, and that Stella was at home. Fate, karma, instinct, faith-whatever it is thanks for keeping us in line (and our sanity when things like this happen).
    Poor baby with the shots 😦

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