To sleep, perchance to be reamed

We’re making nighttime progress around here, but I’m a bit on the fence as to whether or not it’s good progress.  Basically, Stella is now sleeping 5 hours (and even 6 hours on 2 different occasions)during the night.  It’s absolutely awesome!  The caveat?  She will only do this if she’s on or immediately  next to me (and even Will, although that’s only early in the morning after she’s been changed and is well fed).  The sleep is amazing for all of us.  Don’t get me wrong: it’s not ultimate, ambrosia-type sleep.  When your infant DOESN’T scream every hour or two, it’s scary.  And if she’s on top of me, I startle whenever she does.  Still, it’s so much better than what we got the first 2 weeks.  I no longer experience the nighttime dread I had.  I feel confident each evening that we will, in fact, sleep.  It’s just a matter of when exactly, where (couch or bedroom), and how upright I may be for the duration.

The problem is that depending on what expert or resource you consult, this is not entirely safe (Imagine that: hotly-debated issues in pregnancy and parenting).  There’s the risk of suffocation or dropping the baby during the night.  Yeah, right.  I don’t believe for a second that this is a real danger for just about any mom, unless you put away that fifth of tequila before bed. Others (the co-sleeping camp) say this is the ultimate bonding short of breastfeeding.  It IS nice feeling that sweet little body next to yours, and it does seem as if the kiddo gets something out of it as well.  So, I’m inclined to keep the trend going as long as Stella seems to want it and as long as it means that our household isn’t looking like the living dead each day.  Brains, anyone?

What I can’t help but wonder is if this won’t come back and bite me in the ass.  Yesterday, I had some things I needed to get done and she would NOT nap good with one exception: 2 hours when I curled up with her on the couch.  Otherwise, she’d drop off and wake right back up within 10 minutes.  As such, by last night, she was over-tired, I had gotten nothing at all done (including those basic things, such as feeding myself and going to the bathroom), and she screamed for 5 hours straight.  Today, I’m waiting to see what happens.  She’s taking her first official daylight nap and seems restless.  I guess worst-case scenario, I’ll simply camp out with her on at least 2-3 occasions for some co-napping.  Anything to avoid the 5 hour meltdown.

Wow.  Another boring blog.


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