Taking the bull-imia by the horns

I had read to expect that Stella’s little digestive system would change as we went.  Her poos would become less frequent and more substantial.  I had also read that although she’s strictly breast-fed, her burping and vomiting would also probably change;  while still being less than a formula-fed kid, this kind of thing might increase.  They weren’t kidding!

She eats constantly.  I’m having to learn to do everything one-handed, as I seem to always have one arm holding the baby to my boob.  I’m getting pretty quick at typing with one hand.  Maybe an iPhone is for me at some point. I can’t tell you the last time I was able to eat a meal with a fork.  I hope it’s like riding a bike – that you never forget how.  I think I had a salad from McDonald’s Tuesday night after Will got home, and that was only because he was able to take the baby for a few minutes.  Unless she’s sleeping, getting food inside of myself is pretty difficult (and she seems to be boycotting naps to a large extent this week).  Cooking is another thing I’ve largely given up these days.  Call me nuts, but I miss it.  But I digress.

While I don’t spend nearly as much time changing diapers, I have new responsibilities coming out of her other end.  My child pukes constantly.  Maybe it’s the constant eating.  In any case, I regularly get showered with milky baby vomit.  I had no idea how warm that stuff would be.  It’s the temperature of cheese right out of a microwave.  I’m dealing with it ok (it’s not like I’m sitting around in a lot of fine wool and silk garments these days), but she’s so sneaky about it!!  When people barf, it’s a massive production.  There is the whole heaving of the body as well as the awful sounds.  Stella is like a tiny little ninja with the barfing jutsu.  She’s silent.  I don’t know I’ve been attacked until I feel the very warm wetness on my skin.  She has this talent for hitting my shoulder perfectly so that it immediately is deflected and runs down my chest between my boobs.  I can’t decide if it’s better or worse being braless or not.


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