The magic vomit and the gassy knoll….

I think I’ve mentioned that vomit is becoming more common around here.  The stuff is insidious.  Just this morning, I experienced a barf unlike any other so far.  Picture this:  I’m holding Stella to my chest, head upright.  The child let loose (quietly, of course), and the next thing I know I feel vomit rolling down my bicep.  Additionally, I feel warm wetness IN THE MIDDLE OF MY BACK. 

It was truly the barf equivalent of the magic bullet. Upon exiting Stella’s mouth, the vomit went straight down before deflecting off of my arm.  At that point, it hooked around roughly 130 degrees and took a downward trajectory.   I needed Zapruder to video it in order to figure out how in the world that happened.  Seriously.  I’m clueless.

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Working mom. Is there any other kind? Geologist. Nerd.
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