Can I buy a vowel?

Little children are really very remarkable.  You start to get into a bit of a routine with them – and by that I mean you learn a tad what to expect.  Then, abruptly, they will throw some sort of developmental switch and develop a new skill seemingly overnight.  I think smiling was the first thing I noticed.  Stella would grin some (mainly in her sleep), but it did seem to be more a function of what was happening in her gastrointestinal tract/diaper rather than an expression of true glee or happiness.  Then all of a sudden she started grinning for real – at me- and this has continued.  Now, she grins at everyone (unless she’s cacking/screaming).

As for the screaming, I can say that until about 48 hours ago, she was rather one note – literally.  Every sound that she made other than cacks was a variation on a “short a” sound phonetically.  You simply had varying volumes of it.  Now, I’m starting to hear other vowels, and she’s making racket just for the heck of it now rather than letting me know that she’s bitterly disappointed in me for some reason.  It’s really cute.  I daresay at times she almost seems to laugh for half a second.  These rapid changes are both exciting and sad at the same time.


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