This too shall pass

After you’ve been pregnant and had a kid, you cease to have any shame at all about bodily functions.  Just look at most of my posts about poo, squirting breastmilk, peeing, etc….  We have had a new phenomenon this week over here:  the lack of a bodily function, and it’s causing all sorts of concern and intrigue.

Stella hasn’t pood since Monday morning.  Not really.  There have been exactly 2 “micropoos,” which didn’t encompass the area of a dime, but nothing else has passed.  It’s not for lack of trying.  You can periodically see her little face go beet red and know that she’s trying like mad to push out a good poo.  But nothing.  She’s continuing to fart like an old man.  Indeed, her gas output has increased prodigiously, as has her vomiting.  She’s intermittently fussy, but fussing rapidly segues into smiling and her almost-laughing she’s doing.

Immediately all of the grown ups start worrying about constipation and impaction, even though if you read the books and websites, it’s almost unheard of for breastfed babies to get backed up.  For the past couple of days, I’ve gotten random phone calls and texts from Stella’s  important big people asking “has she pood yet? “  “Any movement?”

I finally called the pediatrician this morning, and essentially they’re not worried.  The nurse even suggested a growth spurt (oh dear god) and gave me a home remedy to try if another day or two goes by with no poo, and ONLY if I feel like she just REALLY needs to go.  Until then, I guess we’ll just continue to hang out, fart, burp, and throw up, giggling about it the whole while.


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