No vomit, no cry

I spent many years growing up in Pennsylvania.  One of the things I remember most vividly were the awful, long, cold winters.  I can remember walking to school in the mornings (no, not uphill and barefoot) and having icicle dreadlocks form in my hair when it was damp (and I won’t mention the snotcicles which tried to form on really cold days).  It’s not the kind of thing one forgets.

Fast forward to a different climate and motherhood.  We were preparing to go out and about today and the weather had turned rather chilly (by Louisiana standards, of course).  Stella was well-bundled in a cute little fleece suit.  We hadn’t really gone out in about a week, so I wanted her to look as adorable as possible.  As I was preparing to put her cute little hat on, I realized that my daughter had barf dreadlocks along the back of her little head.  I guess she had ralphed while on her back and it had run down and hardened.  As I’ve said, she’s quite the little ninja barfer, so sometimes it’s easy to miss when she upchucks. 

No big deal.  I had my mother (who will do just about anything child-related for her granddaughter) give her little head a sponge bath with a warm rag.  Vomit dreads were gone.  Still, not the kind of thing they tell you about in “What to Expect.”  It’s on my radar now, though.


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