Simply the breast

Day 2 of work reentry is nearly gone.  Once again this morning, I felt crushing sadness leaving the baby.  I teared up but did not actually cry.  I think that’s progress.  Tomorrow is a telecommute day, so that will be easy.  I also received word that Stella crapped all over her clothes, herself, burp cloths, and blanket while in my mother’s care today (she’s still only pooing ever 3 days or so, leading to truly epic poos).  During the resulting clean up, Stella tried to then pee on my mother.  Maybe this WAS a good day to go to work.

The pumping is still quite odd.  Let’s face it: growing up, we ladies are told to keep our boobies covered up.  Hence, it’s odd to be taking them out at the office.  I have found that you can really freak some of the men folk out while swinging your pump around and talking about “expressing” or running off to “lactate.”  This may be useful for at least several months.


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Working mom. Is there any other kind? Geologist. Nerd.
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