The first noel

I knew going in that Stella would be completely nonplussed about Christmas this year.  Shit, she can’t even hold her head up by herself all the time yet (we’re nearly there, but sometimes it gets hard to hold up such an enormous noggin!) much less get into gifts and all of the associated excitement.  Still, I had this pipe dream of the sweet video and photos we’d get, the 3 of us together under our tree.


The baby was flat-out grumpy that morning by the time we actually started Christmas; mind you, this was around 11:00 in the morning.  You know how things go in “baby time.”  By the time you manage to get everyone up, caffeinated, dressed, fed, and finally assembled under the tree (stopping frequently to feed, entertain, and change the baby), you look up and the day is shot to hell.  Once the family was under the tree and daddy had finally placed the camcorder in a place which would get everyone in the frame (plus their heads), Stella was melting down.  So, instead of having sweet “ah” moments, it was a flurry of “Hurry up and hold her while I tear this open…..Hey thanks.  That’s a nice gift.  Let’s just finish this, ok?”  I’m so pissed at myself that in the confusion and caterwauling I didn’t even take one still shot with the camera.  Not even a cell phone camera made an appearance.

She did slightly better during the big get-together later that afternoon.  The poor thing really only wanted to nap.  However, in a crowd (with many small and understandably excited children), she was not to have one.  She did ok at her grandparents’ house, but after about an hour and a half at her great-grandmother’s house (with aforementioned mob), she had had enough.  I don’t even think I got to say thank you and goodbye to most of the folks there.  It very quickly became a code red – get the baby out of building situation.

As a family, we had a wonderful Christmas, although to me, who really cared?  I mean, we have this wonderful little girl now.  Still, I am already looking forward to next year and the year after that when Stella can join the mob of happy squealing kids and really “get” it.


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