I’m your biggest fan

One thing I hadn’t heard about is how absolutely fixated infants are by ceiling fans.  When we brought her home, Stella was immediately mesmerized by it (and the photo gallery on the main wall of the living room, although the flame burnt bright and short on that particular love).  This love has only grown.  When she opens her eyes in the morning, she immediately looks for her BFF (best friend fan).  She greets BFF with a huge toothless grin and begins jabbering at it (unless she’s dining, in which case she sucks for a moment, breaks the latch, and stares fixedly at it for a few seconds before resuming her meal).  If you really want to dazzle her, simply switch BFF on and off quickly, as the sudden movement is delightful.

BFF exists in every room of our house, fortunately.  Stella doesn’t quite realize that BFF looks different in every room.  She’s always quite happy to see BFF.  It occurred to Will and me that if toy makers were truly smart, they’d bag all of the cutesy animal mobiles and simply make miniature ceiling fans to hang above cribs, swings, and miscellaneous baby seats.  It’s like baby crack.

If anyone’s aware of a Hunter or Hampton Bay showroom that has tiny fans for display purposes, let me know.  I’ll buy one off of them.


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