(Space) Bag Lady

For some reason, this blog feels more personal and potentially embarrassing than the blogs about squirting boobs and poo.  Here goes:

I’ve been very fortunate in that my figure is coming back with a vengeance.  My stomach still is a bit soft, but I’m now officially 10 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight, and I seem to be continuing to slowly drop the pounds.  I can only imagine it’s breastfeeding on top of sleep deprivation on top of hauling around a large baby.  Anyway, as I’m back in a good physical groove and my c-section incision has finally healed well, I no longer need a whole lot of my maternity clothes.  I’m still using many of the tops to allow for breastfeeding, but what to do with the rest?

This is an ironic dilemma for me, as I fought tooth and nail as long as possible to avoid wearing a lot of this stuff – especially the pants.  Those awful panels really freaked me out for some reason.  Now, I’m having a hard time culling them from the closet.  They really are comfortable!!  Even now that I don’t need them (due to weight or gnarly surgical incision), it’s sometimes hard to put on regular pants with a real waistband.  I guess it’s like a 10 year couch potato getting a corporate job and having to transition from sweatpants to a suit.

That’s not the worst part.  Emotionally, I don’t want to give them up.   Sure, I’ve parted with a few via a Goodwill-type donation box (some things are really too ugly even for maternity clothes), but other stuff was pretty good considering I was the size of a dirigible.  I think what gets me is what if I need it again?  Realistically, the clock is ticking.  I turned 37 5 days before Stella was born.  Will and I, while certainly not actively pursuing another pregnancy, have not ruled it out.  Furthermore, we realize that if it’s something we do want to go for, we don’t have a whole lot of years.  In short, who knows what may happen?  We’re obviously fertile, and while I was of “advanced maternal age” (man, do I LOVE that title/designation), we have produced an extremely healthy kid.

These are very unexpected feelings for someone who really did not enjoy being pregnant so much.  While I really don’t enjoy the idea of being pregnant again, especially so soon, the idea of not EVER being pregnant again makes me feel pretty sad.  Hence my wanting to hold on to things associated with that state.

So, what to do with this stuff?  In theory, if it were to be used again, it would be so within the next 2-3 years.  We’re not made of money, so the idea of giving it away and having to re-purchase another temporary wardrobe is not the best idea.  Due to limited storage, I can’t simply leave it in my closet.  Hell, I hardly have room for one normal wardrobe.  The most sensible thing is to keep the bulk of it.  I figure I’ll put the stuff I’m not using now for nursing into one of those fancy space bags and jam it under a bed somewhere.  If we decide that Stella is to be an only child, then I can always donate it later.


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  1. Emily says:

    Word(s) I learned in this post: dirigible

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