Green eggs and hamfist

For my regular readers, you know I’ve gone on ad nauseum about the size of our little girl.  She’s robust.  However, Will and I have noticed something pretty funny about her. 

When you observe your child, it’s fun to try to see what features belong to either you or your spouse/partner.  For the most part, I honestly can’t tell much so far with Stella.  Sometimes she makes faces which very  much remind me of some of Will’s expressions, but otherwise, I can’t really say “that’s Will’s chin” or “those are my cheekbones.”  Her hands, however, did possess qualities of ours.  I have long slender fingers.  Will has stubby man fingers and large meaty palms.  Stella has long slender fingers on big meaty palms.  Or at least she did.

I guess she’s filled out so nicely that it’s filled up her hands.  She has ham hands.  The backs or her hands are so plump that she no longer has knuckles.  Or should I say, she has inverted or bizarro knuckles.  Where knuckles would stick up on a normal hand, hers are dimples in a pool of chubby baby skin.  It’s really pretty funny looking.  The humor, however, should not detract from the power of said ham fist.  The kid has a grip!!  Daddy has already suffered at these hands.  Several times, she has latched on to bits of face, lip, or eyeglasses (narrowly missing the eyebrow ring).  She now will simply grab on to something and hold on for dear life for the sheer joy of it.  I’m almost tempted to see if she can crush a beer can.  She has gotten a hold of me as well.  I’ve learned that it’s really much better to have my hair back and I pity the necklace that comes in contact with my offspring. 

Her meaty little fists also pack a punch.  Yesterday, I was leaning down to play with her when she became very excited.  She had her hands bunched up and flailing.  Her left caught me in the mouth.  Just barely did I escape a fat or bloody lip.  I stood up quickly in surprise and I had that tell-tale tingle you get when your lip is about to swell.  Fortunately, it did not as that would have been tres, tres embarrassing: “Oh it’s nothing.  My 15 week old kid just kicked my ass.”  I think I’d rather tell people I fell down the stairs.


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