Mercury rising

Babies are surprisingly moody things.  “Mercurial” would be the best adjective.  This is quite perplexing as, once again, one has to consider their limited realm of experience.  What could seriously piss off/bum out/elate a baby to such a degree and in such rapid succession?

Recent examples of this are as follows:

Meatloaf came by for a quick visit after an appointment near our house Tuesday afternoon.  I had recently come from picking up Stella after work, and she was having a pretty chill day.  When Meatloaf came to the door, I almost immediately handed the baby to her: when you need a baby fix, you need a baby fix, stat!  Oddly enough, Stella immediately started to scream.  And I mean SCREAM.  High-pitched and loud. It was nearly a pain cry.  Meatloaf and I were both pretty stunned, as normally Stella loves her Meatloaf.  She was passed back to me where she immediately calmed down, and would laugh at Meatloaf while I was holding her.  We repeated the baby swap with the same result.  Finally, we just put the baby on the couch and let Meatloaf sit by her.  Stella had a ball.  Meatloaf could even hold her facing out with no trouble.  Stella simply did not want her to hold her to her shoulder/neck.  The only thing we could figure is that Stella didn’t like the smell of something.  It was just quite bizarre and her reaction and recovery very sudden.

Stella has also discovered her laugh.  It’s been slowly getting longer and more frequent, which is just pure joy to hear.  Yesterday, she would laugh endlessly with her Crispy.  As soon as I would come near, her expression would become quite somber and she would stop laughing.  We ran the experiment several times with the same result.  It’s hard not to get your feelings hurt!!

Finally, it’s pretty funny to sometimes watch your kid’s face, particularly late at night when they’re tired (and perhaps their bodily control is weakened).  It’s almost like one of those old United Colors of Benetton ads which would rapidly phase pictures of faces into and out of each other.  As quickly as you can say the words, she’ll go from happy to sad to pout (full lower lip outage and everything) to mad to surprised. 

What strange little creatures.


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