Social distortion


To be honest, Will and I have always been somewhat antisocial.  We have typically isolated and just done our own things, content with our own company.  From time to time we’d get together with others and usually enjoy it once all was said and done, but it has always been pulling teeth to get to that point.  I guess we’re just funny that way.  In any event, since we’ve had the baby, we’ve curtailed our activities to a huge degree.  To be fair, they were truncated somewhat when we bought our house, as suddenly money and time were more scarce than they had been previously.  Whenever we have tried to do things, particularly with other people, it’s frayed my nerves to no end, as you simply never know when the screaming will commence or what may set it off. 

We recently got together with another couple that we know from the bookstore.  They also have a baby – a little boy about 6 weeks younger than Stella.  I was really excited about this.  Other first time parents would understand the perils of attempting to converse with a ticking time bomb in your arms.  And babies aside, it was nice to try to get to know another couple – something that gets harder and harder to do once you become part of a couple yourself.

We had a great time.  Will and the husband got to have man time, standing outside, drinking beer, and grilling.  The wife and I got to cuddle babies and share impressions on first-time motherhood.  I sincerely hope that we’ll be able to reciprocate and have them over to our house for dinner.  I also hope that this will be the first of many get-togethers.

As much as I was really ok with being sort of an only child (my half brother is considerably younger, and unfortunately due to geography, we didn’t often get to live together), I love the idea that Stella will have some built-in little buddies as she gets older.


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