The Devil Wears Osh-Kosh

I have a new favorite obsession: shopping for baby stuff.  I’ve never been a huge shopping kind of girl.  Maybe it’s because I never had a whole lot of money.  Maybe it’s because I can’t fathom paying $200+ for a purse.  Maybe it’s because I’m pretty proud of the fact that I can get ready to leave the house in under 10 minutes.  Sure.  There are and have been things I like and would love to purchase to own.  But these things tend to be few and far between.  For instance, I do adore shoes (I guess that’s a pretty normal girl thing).  I spent most of my teens and even early twenties shunning high-fashion footwear, instead choosing to slog around in combat boots or other clunky things that resembled gothy orthopedic shoes.  Now, I dig heels.  I missed the hell out of them when I was pregnant.  Were Will to come home tonight and tell me that the bookstore was giving him his annual $10,000 bonus, there would be shoe shopping in my future.  Shoe shopping I can do.

But I have most definitely gotten off-topic.

Now, rather than searching the internet for shoes or other random thingamabobs I think I may need, I am obsessed with finding stuff for Stella.  To be fair, this started out of necessity.  She has been a bit larger than what we anticipated such that we really needed clothing.  She outgrew everything!  The stores tended to have limited things that were weather-appropriate (I will never ever understand why “fashion” dictates that stores sell clothing that’s at least 2 seasons away from being wearable).  And then I got funky with it.  Why settle for the standard pink onesie?  There is a whole world of cute, unique, and non-pink stuff out there.  I found this awesome site called Zulilly, in which they have daily deals/specials from all sorts of neat vendors.  The prices rock for the most part (even cheaper than the Carter’s outlet) and the clothes are really different.

Essentially, I need another full time job to support my children’s clothing habit.  If only I could sell my milk hoard to get money for my fixes….


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2 Responses to The Devil Wears Osh-Kosh

  1. Karl Fohn says:

    You can check out I don’t know that it fits your situation but it’s free shipping both ways and you can order the motherload just to pick out one item and they’ll gladly pick up every other thing that you ordered and ship it back for “free” so no damage done, and no shopping involved.

    Give it a shot. I think that you will be hooked, unless you already know about it.

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