Loch Mess Monster

I’ve mentioned before that Stella has developed a rather prolonged poo cycle in which she typically will only poo once every 2-4 days.  Sometimes it’s shorter, sometimes it’s longer.  As one would imagine, the longer the interval between poos = the larger the event once it occurs.

We have just returned from a long weekend at the beach (more on that later).  Shortly after we were all inside, I heard that tell-tale wet fart sound, followed by sound that you get when your squeeze ketchup is about out of product.  Poe would have called this the Tell Tale Fart.

Anyway, as I said, we were just getting in so our normal supply layout was a bit haphazard.  We have gotten to the point where we will get 2 plastic grocery bags out for the epic poos: one for under her butt to catch any escaping bits and the other to catch all the wipes that are required during the changing of such an event.  Being in a state of disarray, I instead grabbed the real estate section of the paper that I had just scooped out of the driveway.  The paper was a bit old (by about 8 hours) and hell, we just bought a house.  It seemed like a good placemat for the baby’s butt.

The diaper was full, as I’d expected.  It was like a lake, really.  A really, really gross and smelly lake.  I’m thinking akin to Lake Erie in the 70’s.  I proceeded to clean and wipe until finally, her fresh and somewhat damp (from the wipes) butt was placed on the newspaper while I grabbed a new diaper.   When I lifter her legs to slide the diaper under her, I noticed that baby skin + dampness becomes like silly putty.  She had real estate listings (in reverse) on her ass.  Mental note: stick with the Wal Mart bags when protecting house and furniture during poo events.


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