Mixed grill

Stella discovers sand

Stella discovers sand

We recently returned from a long weekend at the beach.  This was our first real trip with the baby.  To be honest, I was scared to death about it.  I had nightmare scenarios in my head of her screaming her head off for the entire 4 hour trip.  Instead, she slept – both ways- for about 3 hours.  You just really can’t ask for more than that.  Sure, I had to ride in the back with her for most of it, but that’s a small price to pay.  It was such a success that we may actually go back again in the near future.

While there, it was fairly mellow.  Stella got to hang out with Crispy a whole lot.  Speaking of, I have officially attained the status of “chopped liver.”  When we pulled up to the condo, my mother did not even say hello to me; she snatched the baby out of my arms and ran upstairs with her.  She later claimed that this was to prevent Stella from catching a chill.  Yeah, right.  In any case, Will and I got a couple of “dates” in and it was most definitely good to get out of town.

I did notice something somewhat disturbing.  I had always heard of little old ladies pinching little children’s cheeks and wanting to “eat them up.”  I guess due to the cold weather, many oldsters are hanging out along the Gulf Coast for the winter.  Poor little Stella was approached by I don’t know how many old ladies. The baby was like crack to them.  They were probably harmless, but as a new mom, all I could see were these scraggly old fingernails, yellow teeth, and large scratchy rings approaching my child.  It was like something out of a fairy tale or horror movie.  I’ve never seen old people as menacing before.

One downer:  about 5 hours after we got home, something awful, something horrible, something unspeakable happened in my gastric system.  I went from ok to somewhat green to a double feature (you know what I mean) within about an hour and a half.  From 7 PM to about 11 PM, I was miserable.  Horrible things were spewing forth from my body.  I ached.  I had chills.  I actually felt much worse than I did after my c-section (then again, I had drugs then).  At one point, the baby woke me up to nurse and after about 1 minute at the breast, I had to shove her down to go puke.  I don’t know if it was food poisoning or some kind of virus.  I stayed home on Monday as I had absolutely no strength, energy, or appetite.  Luckily, Will and the baby seem fine.  I am also ok now.  I just hope that this episode fulfills my illness quota for quite some time.


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