Nightmare on Elmo Street

Periodically it hits you how quickly your kid changes, and while you’re excited to see their new developments, it’s sad to see other quirks fade away.  She’s starting to hold her bottle on her own (I don’t get to see that too much, but her father is more than excited) and even hold board books upright as if she were reading them.  In general, her hand-eye coordination is becoming pretty good.  Nights and early mornings are a bit questionable, but hey: who isn’t a bit clumsy when they’re tired?

Our beloved “cacks” are evolving, and I’m sad to report that we don’t hear the cacks as much anymore.  She is now emitting this new sound that’s kind of like a vocalized cack.  Let me explain.  Cacks are pretty much a sound which comes from the back of her throat.  They’re like funny little dry coughs.  This new sound is like a percussive bellow.  It starts in her throat and rapidly explodes out.  Very short, very loud.  It’s pretty damn funny.  The only thing I can figure is that, along with the fake coughs that she’s learned, this is her way of manipulating her parents into giving her attention.  I knew this day would come.  Only not so soon.

She’s also taken to raking her fingernails over and over across whatever item may be within her reach.  You’ll be sitting with her on the couch and hear this strange rasping sound only to see the baby getting in touch with her inner Freddie Krueger.  The first time I noticed this, I was nursing her and she was slashing with the hand that was dangling.  I had momentary visions of a rat in the couch or something.  I guess it’s another way of experiencing her environment.


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