Cat Snatch Fever

I had worried when pregnant that eventually we’d have to pick up the cat toys as part of the whole baby-proofing process.  I could imagine unborn Stella trying to nosh on a catnip mouse.  As it turns out, however, I had it backwards.  Most baby toys for this age group make neat crackling sounds, rattle, or contain sweet little chimes.  Guess what?  So do most cat toys.  Most baby toys for this age group are soft, furry, or otherwise plush.  Guess what?  So are most cat toys. 


One of the furry offenders

Earlier in the week after returning from a rather hectic day at the office, I brought Stella home.  Lucky for me, she eventually took a nap.  This was a golden opportunity for me to get some serious stuff done.  Usually she’s pretty high-maintenance in the late afternoon/evening, so it’s tough.  She had only been asleep for about 20 minutes when I heard a serious rattling ruckus coming from the living room (where she was sprawled on the couch).  Sure enough, Flop was batting and throwing one of her stuffed rattling animals around (it’s a cute plush cow about the size of a softball with tiny little feet).  The furry nut was positively obnoxious.  I quickly and quietly shooed him away and placed the toy on the coffee table.   Not 3 minutes later, he had helped himself to the toy again and this time, the baby heard the racket.  She was not happy.  I was not happy.  Not only did the stupid cat wake up the baby, he did so thieving her toys.

I guess this will be the first of many such occurrences.  If anything, Stella will have to share with them rather than the other way around due to safety concerns.  In a way this comingling of toys will make life a bit easier: one community toy box.  I only pity the cats once she’s mobile.  Something tells me she won’t be as considerate about sharing as they will be.


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