Cheesy rider


Say Cheese


I had a very stinky moment this past weekend when I felt like a terrible mother.  During a costume change, I lifted Stella’s arm over her head.  My eye was drawn to a red crusty patch of skin near her armpit.  I looked more closely and found that basically she had a roll under her arm (both arms, really, as I noticed the same thing on the other side) in which this stinky anthropogenic “cheese” had accumulated.  I was horrified and felt awful.  I do, in fact, bathe my baby regularly.  I can only speculate that as she sits in her little tub, her arms are mostly pinned at her sides and I guess this one spot got missed during the washing portions of the bath (which are becoming more and more overshadowed by the “let’s kick violently and soak mommy and the kitchen” portion of the bath).

We had even had a similar episode in one of the rolls in her chunky little thighs, but the debris had not yet formed cheese or become irritated.  Point taken.  Washing a “healthy” chubby baby must be like washing a morbidly obese person.  You gotta get in all the crevices.


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One Response to Cheesy rider

  1. peg Wahrendorff says:

    Didn’t even see the turn towards washing a morbidly obese person coming…. kinda don’t want to think of that anymore

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