(Echo)Location, (Echo)Location, (Echo)Location

Stella has decided that she wants to become a bat.  Within the past 48 hours, she has started emitting this wacky screech sound whenever she is left alone for even a moment.  You could argue that this is a whole lot nicer than the loud wailing that we used to experience on a semi-regular basis.  That was (and is) a sound that sends your blood pressure up immediately as you frantically search for a way to stop it.  The screech is pretty comical, at least for now.

As I’ve said, she seems to do it whenever she is feeling neglected.  Like when you put her down on the couch for 30 seconds while you go pee.  I’m thinking she’s using the principles of echolocation to locate her missing caregivers and determine what it is that she/he is doing to prevent them from giving her their undivided attention. 

What is amazing, as always, is how quickly things change with these little creatures.


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Working mom. Is there any other kind? Geologist. Nerd.
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