When you whoosh upon a star

I think I mentioned several months ago that whenever my mother and I were near the fussing baby in those first couple of weeks, we would find ourselves rocking back and forth like Stevie Wonder, whether we were holding her or not.    I’m afraid that this is something that hasn’t improved.  I now notice that if I’m standing around (often at work) and feel either very tired or stressed, I find myself rocking gently.  I don’t think anyone has noticed this, but I still feel pretty silly.

It does get worse, however.  Both Will and I will often make sound effects in order to keep Stella entertained.  This is most often manifested by “whooooshing” sounds as we carry her about, particularly when turning a corner, picking her up, or setting her down.  I guess it’s supposed to sound like a spaceship.  She may or may not like it.  We do it anyway.

The stupid part is that both of us have caught ourselves doing it when we’re nowhere near the baby – again, usually at work.  I did it the other day when accompanying a colleague across the street to get coffee.  As I held the door for him, I whooshed.  Fortunately, he’s not too observant and didn’t catch it.  I still felt ridiculous.


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