The Rice Man Cometh?

Not to beat a dead horse but Stella still isn’t sleeping too well at night.  It’s been a little over 2 weeks, and she’s rarely gone for more than 3-3.5 hours at a time, vs. the 6 or so she was going a while back.  As with anything odd and baby-related, you rack your brain to figure out what’s causing it.  Is it teething?  Well, she has some symptoms, not others, and there’s no sign of any pearly little culprits in her mouth yet.  Is it a growth spurt?  Dear god I hope not.  Is she hungry?  Well……

She does eat, each and every time she wakes up, and then promptly falls back to sleep, usually with a boob in her mouth.  It’s so one-track that I often won’t even attempt a diaper change, as why do anything that may awaken the sleeping bear more than is absolutely necessary?

We have read/heard that you can start your baby on solids (i.e. tiny amounts of rice cereal) once they’re 4 months old.  When we went to the doctor earlier this month, he said I could try it or wait until she’s 6 months – whatever I prefer.  While academically it sounds interesting to do something new and see how she reacts, I pretty much figured we’d wait.  She’s obviously getting what she needs nutritionally and why rock the boat?  Once you open that door, it cannot be closed again.  Everything changes: the poo gets smellier, the grocery bill goes up, and my milk will no longer be The Shit. 

After a couple of weeks of the no sleep plan, however, I had been agonizing over this feeding thing.  I hear/read that if you give them some cereal, they sleep longer at a stretch.  I did research, and as with anything at all pregnancy/child-related, everyone seems to have an agenda.  It’s tough to know what to believe.  When you compound that with the fact that we’re trying to switch her to her crib at night, who the hell knows what’s going on with this kid?!

I finally broke down and called the pediatrician today to get an educated opinion.  I was asked a series of questions, including is she REALLY eating at night or just snacking/wanting comfort.  When I informed the nurse that she was, in fact, chowing down, she suggested upping her feedings to every 2-2.5 hours at a stretch during the day vs. 3+ hours.  Hopefully that will give her the additional calories she needs to go later at night.  They did not think we should introduce the cereal yet.

I guess we’ll try that.  I hate to add the extra pressure to her nanny or daddy when she’s not in my direct care, but hey….I have got to start getting more sleep. This has seriously been like having a newborn all over again.  I squeezed in an extra feeding yesterday evening, but she woke up 3 times and we were up for good by 4:45.  Not  cool.   I blame her father’s genes for this.


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2 Responses to The Rice Man Cometh?

  1. Gene pool doomface says:

    Heeeey. What about your light sleeper gene? Huh? Didn’t get that from daddy.

    • larva225 says:

      I maintain that her lack of sleeping -in general – is more a daddy trait. Also remember: Our child slept through “YMCA” at Joe’s Crab Shack at about 160 decibels…..

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