As the girl turns

We had a series of strange (to us) events last night.  To set the stage, my mother, Crispy, needed a baby fix and arrived yesterday afternoon to stay a couple of days.  While I have gotten more used to getting things done with the kid around, it’s always nice to have an extra set of hands.  Oh yeah, and it’s cool to see my mom (HA!  Back at you, mom, for the beach grab & go!).  Tuesday night had been uncommonly brutal on the sleep front.  I had resorted to keeping track on a post-it note, and the longest stretch we went was 2.75 hours, with most being only 2 or even 1.5.  I was a mess.  The good thing was yesterday was a telecommute day, so I didn’t necessarily have to interact with my fellow man much.  Also, I was there to feed Stella every 2 hours vs. having someone else use a bottle.  I tend to have better luck getting her to eat when she’s not absolutely starving.

Anyway, the plan was that I would feed the baby around 8’ish, go to bed, and Crispy would keep her pacified until at least midnight, giving me a blissful 4 hours.  Stella was so tired that she nodded off after feeding at 7:00.  I put her in her crib on her stomach, figuring this would be a nap vs. actual sleep.  Wouldn’t you know she slept from 7:00 until 1:00 AM?  By then, I was awake and waiting to feed her, as the girls were bursting.  We were awake until after 2:30, but then she slept another 3 hours, which was when we needed to get up anyway.

In short, I think my kid is begging to sleep on her stomach.  And maybe the extra feeding during the day  helped, too.  Will is still very apprehensive about this, but he may be overruled at some point.  I can also say for the record that she is trying desperately to roll over.  When I was trying to get her back down in the middle of the night in her little mattress on the couch, she was damn close to doing it.  The problem is that her mattress has sloped sides, making it pretty hard.

To round out what was a pretty action-packed night at our house (in a “we were sleeping” kind of way), I also lost the poo lottery this morning.  I can emphatically say that the poo is changing in character.  This was, by a long shot, the most solid poo to date.  I’m not sure what that was about, unless all that soluble fiber in my oatmeal is somehow permeating the breastmilk and reaching the baby.  On one hand, the more solid (think pretty viscous toothpaste in order to visualize it’s texture, which I know you want to do) poo is better: less likely to ooze out or blow out.  It’s also somehow more adult and therefore gross.  And who knows?  Maybe her little system is maturing/growing and that’s why we haven’t been sleeping.  You just don’t ever know.  I just know I feel like a million bucks after sleeping for more than 3 hours at a stretch.


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