I Ham Legend

I think we’ve turned a corner at our house, or at least until the next thing comes along.  While Crispy was here a few days last week, we put Stella on her stomach to sleep.  Yes, this is not recommended by pediatricians anywhere in the country.  However, they are not the ones not getting consistent rest.  Amazingly enough, that first night, Stella slept 6 hours straight.  She went 7 the next night.  I was so elated from getting more than 3 hours of sleep at a time that even once Crispy was no longer sleeping in the nursery with her, Stella has been placed on her stomach each and every night to sleep.  Saturday night she went nearly 9 hours. 

This is not to say that I go that long.  After poking fun at Will for “marauding” around the house at night checking on the baby, I have done the same thing.  Yes, I feel logically that it’s more than ok to have the baby on her stomach.  I slept that way.  Will slept that way.  Legions of us including our parents, slept that way in order to prevent some kind of gnarly death due to aspiration on vomit (I was going to make a Mama Cass joke here, but that was a ham sandwich vs. puke, and apparently that is a myth, anyway, according to Wikipedia….always, always check facts first, I say!).  In any case, logic goes out the window when it comes to your kid.  You get paranoid.  It’s the whole SIDS stuff all over again.

Then there are the boobs.  After feeding her or otherwise unloading every three or so hours, they fill up during the night.  I have to get up to milk myself at least once.  By then I start getting paranoid again, despite the fact that our very sensitive baby monitor is silent, and begin marauding all over again.

In any event, all of this blissful sleep on top of glorious weather left us all energetic and ready to go this past weekend.  We took numerous walks in our mack-daddy monster-truck-of-a-stroller (we finally really used our iPod docking station, so we were able to cruise along listening to everything from Bach to the Jesus and Mary Chain) and even took Stella on our first “normal” family outing to the Bluebonnet Swamp.  Once she woke up, she seemed to dig it.  By “normal” I mean not off to visit family or racing through the grocery store or shoveling food in our mouths at a restaurant before the time bomb goes off.  It was really really nice.

Swamp 1

Stella and Daddy at the swamp

Swamp 2

Stella digging on the swamp


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One Response to I Ham Legend

  1. peg Wahrendorff says:

    Nice – on the sleep thing and the outing! Fun times

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