Spawn of the dead

Once a couple of months old, babies steadily increase their vocalizations.  Or at least that’s been the progression at our house.  Stella went from crying exclusively to making all sorts of diverse racket.  She can squeal/screech like a bat (previously discussed).  She makes this sound in the back of her throat which could lead someone to think that she’s a little German baby.  She sputters/raspberrys like the Tasmanian Devil (on the cartoon….not the horrible racket made by the actual animals on NatGeo).  She can moan and groan like a poltergeist.  And then there are the dramatic coughs and cacks.

Then there are the little noises she makes all the time when she’s not really vocalizing.  It’s like a whispering mixed with breathing.  These noises are pretty constant when she’s awake.  It occurred to me the other day that these noises sound a whole like zombies in the movies.  Obviously Stella is littler and cuter (and more alive) than these zombies, but the vocalizations are very similar…..oh yeah and for the record, she doesn’t scream “brains.”  Yet.


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