Our daughter is becoming a bit of a pugilist.  These days, when you are carrying her or sitting/laying beside her, you need to constantly keep your guard up.  Her little ham fists are constantly in motion, particularly her right (maybe she’ll be right-handed?).  Her little fist swings up and down constantly, bashing whatever happens to be in the way.  It’s like a really angry modern-day Hitler at a board meeting, only without the genocidal ideology, bad artwork, and stupid mustache. 

When the banging does stop, there is always grabbing and twisting.  I’ve already mentioned that the skin on the back of hands and arms, or better yet, neck skin, is a target.  Daddy’s nose got a nice grab and twist the other day during storytime, and his lip nearly became bloodied and fattened.

As you can imagine, breastfeeding is even more entertaining with this new behavior.  Morning and late-night feedings are ok.  She’s too sleepy to try to play whack-a-mole with my boobs and face.  Pretty much any other feeding, however, is fraught with peril.  I literally have to catch her swinging little fist and hold it.  This ticks her off, causing her to buck and kick.  While it’s amusing to watch, I’m sort of hoping this little phase passes quickly.


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