Stella’s latest new sound (or the further evolution of the cack) has become a neat little dramatic cough (think full-blown William Shatner).  Now this may just be a grown-up interpretation, but it seems as if whenever you aren’t paying enough attention (and by that I mean in Stella-terms), you will be greeted with three dramatic coughs.  They are pretty much always in multiples of three, although you may get more than three at a time.  She seemed to discover this yesterday and by last night, was dramatic coughing up a storm.  All the big people could do was laugh.  She woke up this morning (for the second and final time) dramatic coughing.  I couldn’t even be annoyed.  As I was leaving for work and she was with her Crispy, she was dramatic coughing up a storm.

We have discussed it, and it may just be her favorite new sound.  I do think, however, that she is becoming aware of how her actions sometimes cause things to happen.  5 months old and she’s definitely learning the art of manipulation.  I think we’re in tremendously deep shit once she’s in her teens.  For now, we’ll enjoy the show.


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