I don’t think there is a kid in the modernized world that hasn’t played “peek-a-boo” or “pee-pie” when they’re small (and I think the decision to call the game by either title is a personal and important one – we go for the “pee-pie” version at our house).  All of the books and websites urge parents to play this game with your tots as part of their stimulation and development.

We started months ago, although I’m not sure Stella really “got it.”  Pee-pie is a dangerous and exhilarating game.  For the briefest moments, the whole world disappears.  Then with a flourish, and accompanied by a grown up screaming “pee-pie” in a high voice (falsetto for her daddy), it reappears along with the grown up grinning above them.   Actually, as you watched her face, she had fleeting moments where she looked either scared or angry before her face would dissolve back into “serious.”  Now it seems quite delightful and we’ve been able to work a myriad of variations into Pee-Pie.

There is the standard “hands over eyes (baby’s or parent’s) version. We also often use her feet (rather than our own, which are bigger, tend to be a bit dirtier/smellier, and let’s face it: we’re not that damn flexible) which is fun.  Her footsies cover enough of our faces to make the game work.  You can use blankets “whooshed” over their faces (when using one with a fringe we turn Pee-Pie into Baby Car Wash, as the fringe is reminiscent of the brushes but more softer and less wet and threatening).  Daddy now will make a brief cave under the covers during morning story time for “whole world” Pee-Pie.  The possibilities are endless.

Ah, to be that young and easily amused (or old and easily amused, as is the case with us).


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