Kicks and stones will break your….um….

The Baby Bjorn is becoming a bit more hazardous to use the larger Stella becomes.  For anyone, after about 10-15 minutes, your back begins to get a bit fatigued.  But Will has it the worst.  Much, much worse.

Stella in the Baby Bjorn, "helping" Daddy make bread

Stella loves her Bjorn and her daddy is probably more entertaining than I am with lots more whooshing and airplaning around.  It’s really pretty funny to see:  she gets excited and her arms go straight out.  That’s all well and good as long as you mind your turning radius in order to avoid stubbing her little fingers or bending her arm in a funny (or not) kind of way.  Whenever Will wears her in a store (which we’ve discovered is much better vs. balancing her carrier on a filthy cart) women go crazy.  I’ve even had someone I work with (a bachelor) ask if he could borrow the baby to pick up chicks.  Yeah, right.

But on to the “issue:”  Stella’s feet are absolutely level with a certain sensitive part of Daddy’s anatomy.  To complicate matters, she kicks.  She kicks when excited.  She really kicks when she’s bored and wants you to move about to more exciting scenery.  I had even cracked the joke that we needed to acquire baby-sized boots and spurs in order to help her move us along.  I think I’ve changed my mind on that.  Surely such a thing would curtail even any conversation about her having a baby brother or sister one day.


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One Response to Kicks and stones will break your….um….

  1. Imana says:

    So hilarious!!! Father and daughter are so adorable together:)

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