A nose by any other name…

‘Tis the season for pollen allergies to kick in.  Don’t get me wrong :  I see some folks slogging around, totally miserable, and I know it could be worse.  Still, it seems I get a sinus infection with a periodicity of about 1.5 years.  Sure, it sucks, but I know what it is and I usually run to the after-hours doc, get a steroid shot, and an antibiotic.  I’m right as rain in a matter of hours.   I’m currently holding out hope that I can knock it out without a trip to the doc in the box.

No one likes to feel bad.  When you’re sick, you want your mommy (or at least someone who can comfort you, whether that means stroke your brow or just leave you alone and take care of business so you can pitifully lay on the couch staring at the TV)  but this time I AM a mommy; it’s a whole new ballgame.  Not only are the needs of a baby relentless, I have to watch every little thing I put in my body.  Before I could pop that first Claritin-D, I had to research if it was safe for breastfeeders (It was, as is Tylenol).  Sure, there are those wretched things known as neti pots, but to me, that’s the equivalent of waterboarding.  Not gonna do it (and yes, I HAVE tried it).  The only plus is I know it’s allergies and I know I’m not contagious.  Therefore, Stella is safe.  I do wish I could reason with her that I need a little extra rest, though….

Now all of those old commercials make sense.  You know the ones: Moms don’t get sick days.  Mom looks and feels like death warmed over, but once she sees the mess and chaos caused by her incompetent and sloppy family, she pops the pill (DayQuil?  Alka Seltzer?  I can’t recall which.) and is back at it like Wonder Woman despite her illness.  Maybe if I could remember I, too, could feel like Wonder Woman.  As of now, I’m barely maintaining.


About larva225

Working mom. Is there any other kind? Geologist. Nerd.
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