Ifs, ands, or butts…

You make up a ton of songs when you have a young baby.  I’m not sure why, and there certainly isn’t a whole lot of thought that goes into any of these.  Often they’ll be composed to an already-existing tune (such as the version of “Frere Jacques” our household enjoys).  Anything is fodder for the goofy song machine.  If you’re not giving your kid a running commentary (which he/she won’t understand anyway), you’re singing some kind of silly song.

Given her “butt symphonies,” it was inevitable that at least one child-like ditty would be composed, and sure enough, our house has a butt song.  That is actually one of the most common songs we sing.  Crispy will hear me humming and immediately recognize the Butt Song.  Stella’s daddy will find himself singing the Butt Song at work. 

I can’t really adequately share it with you here, and it would not be as appreciated in any case.  It involves making noises and shaking butts.  We have yet to incorporate a dance with the Butt Song, but I suppose that may be coming.  I also predict a second verse once her backside’s various emanations change due to the recent change in her diet; there will be new sights and sounds to incorporate.

Preparing to enhance the Butt Song (ignore the poor quality cell phone pic)


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