Look poo’s talking

Since it’s been a long while since there’s been a poo entry, I figured I was overdue.  Stella is now in her 3rd week of eating “solids.”  After a week of strictly rice cereal, we quickly branched out to sweet potatoes, baby broccoli, and bananas.  Don’t worry: we’ve been waiting the recommended 3 or so days between the introduction of each new item.  So far, there is nothing she won’t eat.  It’s pretty funny, as with each food item other than the rice, she makes the worst face.  Yet, she continues to eat and obviously enjoys it.  Go figure.  By this weekend, I figure we’ll branch out to a morning feed as well (not to mention add apples and perhaps green beans to the rotation).

On a side note, I am becoming the Julia Child of baby food.  Never in a million years would I have thought that I’d be one of these strange moms who were so obsessive about what their kid ate.  First with the strict breastfeeding regimen, and now with baby food – I want as much crap to stay OUT of Stella as possible.  My dad and stepmother just bought us a fancy baby food “system” at Sur la Table after I mentioned I was having issues pureeing carrots fine enough.  This thing is beautiful:  It’s a tiny food processor that also steams and sterilizes all in the same unit.  I then take the steamed (when necessary) and pulverized food and place it in my silicon mini muffin pan to freeze into convenient little pucks.  It’s so easy (and cheap!!).  I  now examine every bit of food to see if it, too, can be changed into Stella fodder.

And now back to the poo.

As promised, once you give your kid solids, their poos will be forever changed.  The color does alter a bit depending on what they eat (no biggie for sweet potato or banana, a bit more awful for baby broccoli).  I have no intention of giving her beets.  They taste like dirt and I have no desire to have a “dear god my kid has bleeding bowels” scare.  The main thing, however, is texture.  It is metamorphosing into a more adult viscosity, unfortunately.  Not only are diaper changes more…..gross, Stella has a harder time (no pun intended) excreting this stuff.  The one flip side (if there is such a thing as a silver lining to a diaper) is that with the firmer texture, the poo is less likely to squirt out of the sides/back of the diaper.  Maybe our blow-out days are behind us?

There really is no end to poo puns out there.


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