I dream of diaper genie

We were given a diaper genie for our baby shower.  It was one of those things that everyone said you HAD to have.  What we discovered rather early, however was the following:

  • Stella was going through so many diapers (she couldn’t bear to be soiled and even a microgram of poo was enough to set off an enormous racket) that Will found himself hauling out a poo-ey diaper filled plastic sausage every week or so.
  • Stella’s early diapers really didn’t smell.
  • Refills for the diaper genie aren’t the cheapest thing in the book.

So, the fancy diaper bin has been in her nursery awaiting the day when the diapers became more than the standard kitchen can could accommodate.

We reached that point on Saturday.  After a nearly 4 day poo dry spell (after her second full week with solid food in the evening to boot), I “won” the poo lottery in abundance.  I was treated to not one but three soiled diapers.  The first wasn’t so bad, in a way.  It was very very viscous (nearly solid), so all contents stayed neatly contained in the diaper.  Wiping was a bit more gross, as it was the consistency of tuna fish salad.  Very sticky.  The other 2 poos were standard: fairly runny to the extent that we had full diaper blow out.  This necessitated (both times) a costume change as well as the quarantine and decon’ing of the blanket upon which she was changed.

What was really the worst part (later) was the smell.  As we have been doing, I simply gathered the diapers and mountains of soiled wipes and tossed them in the kitchen can.  Within a few moments the smell permeated the whole kitchen.  And let me tell you, you did NOT want to open the lid to discard something.  It was rank.

I think we’ll still use the kitchen can for the standard wet diapers, but we have reached the poo-smeared even horizon with respect to diapers containing #2.  They must be contained at all costs.


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