Trick or treat, smell my teeth

When we went to Stella’s 6 month pediatrician’s visit, in addition to the 4 shots they stuck in her poor little legs, we left with a prescription for fluoride drops.  Fluoride, honestly, hadn’t even made it on my radar prior to this.  After all, my kid does not yet have teeth.  There are plenty of signs that they’re on the way, but thus far her maw remains as pink and toothless as the day she was born.

In any event, being a good mommy, I wanted this filled right away and the dosage of fluoride to commence.  Over a week later and I have only given her one dose.  Y’all, this stuff is VILE.  I tasted a bit, and it is supposed to resemble grape (maybe?).  But the smell is what is horrific.  You know how adult vitamins smell?  Kind of like fermenting dog food.  This is WORSE.  Or at the very least, this is much stronger.  My child’s face contorted up like Jim Carrey’s.  She was clearly very angry about this.  And the smell clung to her for 3 days. 

I have since started researching this issue.  For starters, I’m not sure if our tap water contains it.  Our community draws from a fairly extensive aquifer at multiple locations, and it doesn’t seem as if there is consensus on which (if any) wells have added it (our water company may as well be run out of a Pleistocene-aged cave, for as much info as their website contains).  I also realize that due to the whole breastfeeding thing, she wouldn’t get as much, anyway.  Still, some is better than none.  And anything is better than these damn drops.  Finally, there are a ton of websites/individuals who warn against giving babies fluoride.  It’s pretty toxic stuff in doses greater than 6-8 ppm (parts per million).

So what to do?  Fellow  moms:  any thoughts on this????


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3 Responses to Trick or treat, smell my teeth

  1. Jamie says:

    I do know that our water does not contain fluoride. With Bobby, my friend and I all being from MO and use to it in our water, we have all come down with a cavity (or 4 in my friend’s case) since moving here (w/in 3 years) and that is the only major variable change.
    I’m not sure about giving drops to a child since they are very adamant about you not swallowing what you swash in your mouth and no eating or drinking for an hour after that. I’ve never heard of them being given the drops, most likely because 90% of my friends with children live in an area where it is added to the water supply.

  2. Lauren says:

    It was explained to us that the overall health/strength of your teeth is dependent on 2 things: preventive care and genetics. Since we have a well and thus no flouride in our water, we asked for a supplement for Aidan. Our ped dentist told us the toxicity isn’t as much a concern for kids due to the amount that would have to be consumed over a prolonged period of time – by the time you make sure they get the recommended amount of milk/juice, they generally don’t have alot of room left over for water. He said that it was more important (esp if parents have a history of soft/thin enamel or other teeth issues) that they receive it as babies/toddlers to help bolster formation of strong adult teeth. After they got old enough to use flouride toothpaste, we switched them back to a regular multivitamin.

  3. Long before I had Lilah, I was scoffing at the special baby fluoride water at Wal-Mart. In my eyes, the stuff is pure poison. It is a complacency tool, and drinking it in no way is beneficial to our teeth. I hate that I have to drink the stuff in my local tap water.

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