A pumping we will go

Many moons ago, I did break down and buy a car charger for the breast pump.  I figured that due to my job, I would occasionally get caught out somewhere where I could not access a nice quiet locked room to take care of business.  Despite the fact that this cord had been in the pump bag for months, I had not used it until recently.  For some reason, I found it intimidating and scary.  I mean, you’re hooking your boobs up to a motor that’s being powered by a CAR BATTERY.  They tortured Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon that way (except it was wet sponges at the end of the batter cables, but still….).

Anyway, I first needed it while family was in visiting and Will and I made a couple of day trips to New Orleans.  The days were simply too long to not pump, and the owners of Pat O’Brien’s certainly aren’t going to clear out an office/bar for me to pump.  So halfway through the first day, Will and I went back to his car, I got in the backseat (tinted windows), put his shirt over my front, hooked myself up, turned it on, and crossed my fingers.  Obviously all was fine (or I would have blogged about it much sooner).

I have now used it on several occasions and in several settings, including while whizzing down I-10 (no, I wasn’t driving).  I’m also realizing that due to the sheer craziness and crowdedness of my office, I’m probably going to have to start going out to my car to pump during the work day.  That’s ok.  As long as I have a baby blanket in case some sort of vehicular peeping Tom comes along, I’m all good. 

I do have to admit that I have scandalized my boss once again with this.  We were on the road for a work assignment earlier this week.  As it was a full day, I had to bring “the apparatus” with me.  For the first session, we pulled off the road, he went into a Burger King, I pumped, and texted him from the parking lot when I was done.  The second session wasn’t quite so comfortable for him, however.  Due to time constraints, I really did have to pump while we were moving.  After asking him if it would freak him out terribly (he did say no), I moved directly behind him and set up to pump while he was driving. 

Yeah, it was weird.  Probably weirder for him.  I can remember at one point during set up he looked at me anxiously in the rear-view to make sure I would be “covering up.”  I think he may have gotten the nervous giggles once “the apparatus” started up, but I can’t be sure.  Otherwise, it was no problem.  For ladies out there who have done it, you obviously are discretely covered.  It doesn’t smell or anything.  And I didn’t spill a drop.

My poor boss.


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2 Responses to A pumping we will go

  1. Terri G says:

    Someone will be getting a wonderful “Boss’ Day Gift”!!!! Poor Dutch. I would love to see him blushing.

    • Boss says:

      For the record I did not blush. The process is remarkedly discrete and she handled it should I say…professionally.

      It’s all part of nature’s rich pageant.

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