I’ll take Seasonal Characters for $300, Alex

Stella's first costume (and the thrashing that ensued)

Recession hits the Easter Bunny (sorry for the profanity)

I’ve always enjoyed holidays.  Will and I are not religious at all, but I fully embrace the secular jocularity of certain events (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween).  For years, the Easter Bunny has come to visit Will, even if times were tough. Often Will was the recipient of an Easter tackle box or grocery sack, but the idea was the same.  Will would also receive very thoughtful father’s day cards from our stupid cats most years.  With only one exception (after my miscarriage), I send Christmas cards out each and every year, and usually have them out within 3 days of Thanksgiving.  My house is also decorated for Christmas by the time we sit down to our turkey (which I cook) and my shopping is usually 95% done by that time.  I love it.  It’s a rush.

Now I have a kid and it’s a whole new world of fun.  I did dress Stella for Halloween this past year, although she really didn’t get into it so much.  At 5 weeks old, what do you expect?  Still, I already have much higher hopes for this year.  I also dream of being Santa Claus, but am realistic enough to understand that this year may not be ideal; last year we took tons of video as we scrambled to simply rip everything open in between screaming jags. 

And now it’s time for me to be the Easter Bunny.  For 2 months, I’ve had toys squirreled away (educational stuff mostly, of course).  I also sent Will to work with a list of a few more books we “needed” to add to the collection.  I am also happy to report that it’s not just me, and that Will has procured some Easter goods of his own for Stella.  I guess it’s not terrible.  After all, an infant can’t really hunt eggs or eat candy.


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