Cough with their heads!

After just remarking that Stella would officially turn 7 months on Easter without having so much as the sniffles, I was made to pay for my cockiness.  Within the past couple of weeks, her nanny’s 2 kiddos had come down with your standard cold: starts with feeling puny, mild fever midway through, and eventually settling in to a runny nose with a gnarly little cough.  She had done her best at decon-ing and quarantining, but it was inevitable that some germs were going to slip past the perimeter.  With 2 babies, there WILL be pacifier sharing (on top of drool-covered toys, etc…).  The pacifier is always sweeter on the other side, you know.

Anyway, after over a week without a symptom, I was feeling pretty good.  Stella had a few grumpy days, but nothing outside of her normal limits.  It was unusual in that she’s normally such a happy baby.  By Saturday afternoon, however, it was apparent that she did NOT feel well.  She was extra grumpy and fell asleep pretty fast and hard that evening.  The funk showed itself that night/Sunday morning when she awoke at 2 AM screaming and was hot to the touch.  The temp wasn’t all that awful (100.4), but to a first time mom with a first time ill baby, we were both pretty miserable. 

Yesterday was Easter and poor little Stella just wasn’t into it.  She played for a bit with a few of her new toys, but spent most of the day in a pitiful little pile, usually on someone’s lap.  And that was ok.  Other than making sure she stayed hydrated and fever management via Tylenol, there just wasn’t much to be done.

She seemed to perk back up last night, and actually fought pretty hard going to bed.  I did quickly learn a valuable lesson:  chest colds and baby monitors do not mix.  Ours has a voice activation feature (probably very common), and with each cough or sniffle, it activated.  I finally gave up about 1:30 and just lay down in her room. That seemed to work the best.  I moved to the couch a couple hours later after a feeding, but the same thing happened.  I am a bed nomad.  I slept in 3 different places last night.

I think all is well now.  No doubt this cough and the sniffles may persist for another few days, but I think we have all survived our first baby bug.


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